Pastel in Suzhou/粉画与苏州


As one of the birthplaces of pastel art in China, Suzhou has gradually become the center of Chinese contemporary pastel art. In the 1920s, Mr. Yan Wenliang, one of the fathers of Chinese modern art and the founder of Suzhou Art Academy, actively advocated the art of pastel painting. His representative pastel painting "Kitchen"(1920) won an award at the French National Salon Show in 1929, which has written a wonderful chapter for China in the world history of art. In 1984, Hang Mingshi's pastel painting "People" was selected into the 6th China National Exhibition of Fine Arts and won the work of excellence. It was the first time that pastel engaged in a national exhibition among a variety of art genres. Since the beginning of the 21st century, Suzhou Municipal Government and the society has supported the development of pastel art in Suzhou. A series of fruitful results has been achieved. The success of the first China Pastel Exhibition in 2003 and the second China Pastel Exhibition in 2011 further expanded the influence of Suzhou city in the pastel art world of the country. Pastel art is gradually becoming part of the beautiful cultural "name card" of modern Suzhou. 2019, In order to further promote the development of pastel art in China, we held a series of events to celebrate"The 100th anniversary of China Pastel", which was widely praised.

China Pastel Network/粉画艺术

2012年在杭鸣时、李晓林、庞茂琨、陆庆龙等艺术家的关心支持下,苏州开始组建中国粉画工作团队。2013年粉画艺术网(正式上线,同时由从事粉画创作研究、教育传播、展览展示、材料研发等机构和个人组成的工作网络启动运行。粉画艺术网是中国以传播和普及粉画艺术为宗旨的互联网平台,致力于加强艺术家之间的交流与合作,提升粉画艺术创作整体水平,同时配合各级美术家协会开展粉画艺术普及活动,积极参与推动中国粉画事业的有序健康发展。粉画艺术工作网络英文名称为:China Pastel Network(CPN)。2014年CPN加入国际粉画协会IAPS,同年"粉画艺术"微信公众号上线。在中国美术家协会、苏州市政府及相关机构的推动支持下,我们先后举办了一百多场丰富多彩的艺术活动,并形成"中国大学生粉画作品展" "中国(苏州)国际粉画双年展" "粉画艺术(中国)季度在线展"等重要品牌活动。特别值得一提的是,2016年第二届"中国(苏州)国际粉画双年展"入选国家文化部青年策展人扶持计划。

In 2012, with the support of the artists including Hang Mingshi, Li Xiaolin, Pang Maokun, Lu Qinglong and so on, a team working towards the goal of promoting pastel art started to form in Suzhou. In 2013, the online portal of Chinese pastel art ( was put into operation. And at the same time, China Pastel Network (CPN) which consists of social groups and individuals engaged in pastel art research, education, exhibition and materials was established. The network is the platform in China with the purpose of spreading and popularizing pastel art. The mission of the network is to strengthen the artistic exchanges, to improve the overall quality of Chinese pastel artistic creation, and to cooperate with artists' associations at all levels to carry out the popularization of pastel art in China. In 2014, CPN became a member of the International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS). In the same year, the official account of WeChat, known as "Pastel Art ", began to be used. Under the support of Chinese Artists Association, Suzhou municipal government and related organizations, and through the unremitting efforts of CPN, spectacular results have been achieved in the field of pastel art. A series of exhibitions and events organized by China Pastel Network were launched, including the annual "Chinese College Students Pastel Exhibition", "China (Suzhou) International Pastel Biennial Exhibition", "Pastel Art (China) Quarterly Online Exhibition", and so on. It is particularly worth mentioning that " the 2nd China (Suzhou) International Pastel Biennial Exhibition " in 2016 was selected into the support program for young curators of the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China.

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